Viewing GDI Object Count and other Resources critical to SOLIDWORKS - Windows 7

This article was written as a supplement to the Low Resources Warning article.

You can view all the resources that are monitored by the SOLIDWORKS System Resource monitor in the Windows Task Manager. This article will go through viewing GDI Objects as an example, but can be used to enable other resources such as Physical Memory and Commit Size.

To begin viewing the system resource usage, open up the windows task manager. This can be done by either pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, then selecting Start Task Manager, or by right-clicking the Task Bar and selecting Start Task Manager as shown in the image below.

After opening the Task Manager, select the processes tab then select View > Select Columns… This can be seen in the image below.

A window should appear with a list of resources to display. Scroll down the list and check the GDI Objects resource as shown in the image below.

After adding the resource, select OK. The GDI Object column should then appear under the Processes tab in the Task Manager as shown in the image below.

Other system resources worth monitoring are Memory - Private Working Set and Memory - Commit Size and can be enabled using the same process.

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  • HawkWare Tools shows the GDI count as well.

  • This doesn't work for Win10. No select columns choice, and right-clicking on the header doesn't show a GDI option.


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