Photoview 360 Floor Reflections and Floor Shadows Unavailable

Photoview 360 is a rendering tool used by Solidworks to render photo-realistic images of Solidworks models. Photoview 360 uses a user defined scene, model appearance, decals, and lighting to create its render.

When a user uses Photoview 360 and wishes to edit a scene, the user can usually select a variety of options, including “Floor Reflections” and “Floor Shadows”.



These options are always available for toggling unless Real View Graphics or Shadows in Shaded Mode are turned off. If either of these options are toggled off under the View Settings in the Heads Up Toolbar, one or both of these options will be grayed out.

If Real View Graphics is disabled, Floor reflections will be automatically unchecked and grayed out:



And if Shadows in Shaded Mode is turned off, then Floor Shadows will be unavailable for toggling:




Re-enabling both Real View Graphics and Shadows in Shaded mode will make the Floor settings available again. To do this, you can go to the Heads Up Toolbar at the top of the Graphics Area and click on the View Settings icon:



By ensuring that these two options are enabled, the user will always be able to select Floor Shadows and Floor Reflections when editing a scene in Photoview 360.

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