Using Round Stock in a Mill

There are many options within the Stock Manager to create whichever shape of stock you need to use within your milling machine.  A commonly asked question is how do you set up and machine round stock?

In this example we created a rectangular part file.  On the bottom face (can be set up on any plane in which you would like to add the setup from) the circular sketch was drawn.



The next step would be to select the sketch within the Stock Manager.  Open the Stock Manager and select the sketch option.  Choose the sketch used for the stock and give it a thickness.  In this example we chose the top vertex of the part file.



Create the part setup, in our case the top face of the part was selected.



Insert your toolpaths.  In this example the part perimeter toolpath was used set to an open pocket feature type.  This ensures that the outside material will be machined away properly.



Once the feature has been created, Generate the Operation Plan and then Generate the Toolpaths.  Based on the Rough Finish Strategy selected in the example we were given a Roughing toolpath and a Contour toolpath.


In order to ensure the toolpath wraps all the way around the perimeter of the part in one final cut during your roughing toolpath, ensure Clean Up Pass is checked within the Roughing tab of your Operation Parameters window.




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