Providing Information for SOLIDWORKS Electrical Troubleshooting

This article outlines how to obtain some of the basic information required by Hawk Ridge Systems and SOLIDWORKS Corp. for the troubleshooting of various issues in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. The files generated tell us how your SWE installation is configured and gives us background information about your operating environment and machine. This is particularly useful for issues with program stability, performance or data integrity.


Please gather the information produced in the following steps and send it to Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support. If the files are too large to send through e-mail, you can upload them through our Help Center. Click Check Existing Requests then attach them to the relevant support ticket. Note that Technical Support may require other files as troubleshooting progresses.


Collect Information

  1. In SWE, click Help > Collect Information > Yes.
  2. Create a zip of the generated files.


SWE Version Information

  1. In SWE, click Help > About.
  2. Take a screenshot of this dialog, showing the databases and libraries versions.


Application Settings

  1. In SWE, click Tools > Application Settings.
  2. Take screenshots of the three tabs (Collaborative Server, Databases, SOLIDWORKS) in this dialog.


Windows Event Logs

  1. Open Windows Event Viewer (Start > Run > “eventvwr” > Enter).
  2. Expand Windows Logs.
  3. Right-click Application, click “Save All Events As…”, then save the .evtx file.
  4. Repeat step 3 with System instead of Application.


Windows System Information

  1. Open Windows System Information (Start > Run > “msinfo32” > Enter).
  2. Click File > Save…, then save the .nfo file.


RX Capture

If there is a reproducible issue which you can demonstrate in SWE, and if you have SOLIDWORKS installed, please obtain an RX capture with the directions below:

  1. Close SW and SWE.
  2. Open the SW RX tool (Start > All Programs/Apps > SW 20xx > SW Tools > SW RX 20xx).
  3. Click on the Problem Capture tab.
  4. Click Record Video. This will launch a SW session. Click Start Recording then launch SW Electrical. Drag the SWE window over top of the SW window then demonstrate the problem.
  5. When you have finished, click Stop Recording to return to the RX window.
  6. Click Package Files Now under Step 2 and save the zip file locally.

If you do not have SOLIDWORKS installed, then you will not have access to the RX tool. If possible, obtain a screen capture with some third party software (e.g. Jing) and provide us with the video.


DMP Files

If SWE is crashing on your machine, it may offer to save some DMP files related to the crash. Please save any that are generated, along with the time and date of the crash and a description of what operations you were performing at the time of the crash.

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