Dimensioning Sketch Entities to Drawing Views

This article was written to demonstrate how a user can insert a sketch view and dimension that view to sketch entities created in the drawing. Some users may have experienced issues preventing them from dimensioning a drawing view to a sketch in a drawing.

Once the part and drawing have been created the drawing view must first be inserted into the drawing. After inserting the view, double click the drawing view so that the blue border with hard corners appears as shown below.


After double clicking the view, select the desired sketch tool to be used in creating the entities. For the sake of this article, a rectangle will be used. The sketch entity can be placed anywhere on the sheet. When selecting the entity, the bounding box will temporarily change to purple to show the user which view is being edited. After placing the entity, the drawing view bounding box will automatically resize to include the new entity as shown in the image below.

After placing the entity, dimensions may then be applied between the drawing view and the sketch entity shown in the image below.

To exit out of the selected view, simply double-click outside of the bounding box.


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