SOLIDWORKS Plastics Licensing & Serial Numbers

Damon Tordini

SOLIDWORKS Plastics was originally introduced with SOLIDWORKS 2012. At this time, the transition from the former partner product, SimpoeWorks, was still underway and the product required a license file distributed from SOLIDWORKs for activation.

In SOLIDWORKS 2013 and 2014, the activation for SOLIDWORKS Plastics was moved to the SOLIDWORKS license manager, similar to other SOLIDWORKS products.

However, for these releases, the Plastics license was bundled in with the customer's SOLIDWORKS serial number as an add-on, similar to a SOLIDWORKS Premium license with Sim Pro upgrade (happy meal).

This changed in SOLIDWORKS 2015, when SOLIDWORKS Plastics began providing separate, stand-alone serial numbers, similar to Flow Simulation.

That change means that standalone Plastics licenses which were purchased in SOLIDWORKS 2015 or later cannot be used to install Plastics for SOLIDWORKS 2014 or earlier. SNL installations, however, will work normally as long as the Network License Server has been upgraded to 2015 or later.

Because of this, when evaluation serial numbers are issued for SOLIDWORKS Plastics, they are provided in the 2013/2014 format as a standalone SOLIDWORKS serial number with Plastics add-on. This ensures any release will be able to activate the license.

In order to install SOLIDWORKS (and Plastics) with such a serial, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the serial into the SOLIDWORKS box only (do not paste it again into the SOLIDWORKS Plastics box that exists for 2015+).
  2. At the Product Selection page, click "Select Different Packages or Products"
  3. Check "Also show products that are not part of this package."
  4. Check the box for SOLIDWORKS Plastics

See KB article S-066854 for more information.

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