Creating Multi-Leader Drawing Annotations

This guide is written to demonstrate how to create a multi-leader note in a SOLIDWORKS drawing. First open or create a drawing file with the desired view to be annotated. After creating the view, select the annotation that you wish to add leaders to. For the sake of this guide, a standard “Note” will be used. After inserting the note, select the leader from the note properties on the left-hand side of the screen, shown in the image below.

After selecting the leader type, drag the leader by selecting the note and then select the small blue box at the end of the leader. This process can be seen below.

After attaching the first leader, select the note once more. After selecting the note, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while selecting and dragging the blue box to another location. This will create another leader for that note. The multi-leader note can be seen in the image below.

Creating multiple leaders works for multiple types of annotations such as balloons or weld symbols. The leader size and location can be changed by selecting the small blue box or arrows as shown in the images above. 

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