"WriteToolboxStandardsXML" Error When Installing or Repairing SOLIDWORKS

This article walks through options that are available to troubleshoot the "WriteToolboxStandardsXML" error that can occur when installing or repairing SOLIDWORKS.



Root Cause

The "WriteToolboxStandardsXML" error is typically caused by inadequate write permissions to the Hole Wizard/Toolbox folder. By default, the Hole Wizard/Toolbox is located in C:\SOLIDWORKS Data, although this can change based on the options chosen during installation, or if another version of SOLIDWORKS is already using this path.

For troubleshooting, it is recommended to ensure that your user profile has write access to the Hole Wizard/Toolbox folder. This can be done by right clicking on the folder in question > Properties > Security tab. As a note, you may need to have your IT department make the necessary changes to your permissions.

If you are unable to give appropriate write access to the Hole Wizard/Toolbox folder and all the included sub-folders, it is recommended to proceed to the following sections for further solutions. 

Encountered During Installation

If the "WriteToolboxStandardsXML" error occurs in the middle of an installation, it will prevent the software from being installed. To circumvent the error, it is recommended to change the installation destination for the Hole Wizard/Toolbox itself. The menu for changing the Hole Wizard/Toolbox install location can be accessed by clicking "Change" next to "Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options" during the Summary of an installation. An example of the location for this option is shown below.



Once opening the "Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options" page, you can specify a new location, upgrade a previous Hole Wizard/Toolbox, or use an existing Hole Wizard/Toolbox of the same version.



If you would like to move the Hole Wizard/Toolbox after an installation is complete, you can point to the new location via Options > System Options tab > Hole Wizard/Toolbox.



Encountered During Repair

If this error is encountered during a repair of SOLIDWORKS, then it is recommended that the original Hole Wizard/Toolbox be renamed before attempting to repair the software again. This will allow the repair process to generate a new Toolbox. If you are not familiar with the location of the Toolbox, you can locate it via the same "Hole Wizard/Toolbox" system option that is shown above. Again, you can also change the location of the Hole Wizard/Toolbox via this menu.

If you are still encountering errors with your specific setup after attempting the steps listed above, feel free to contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at: support@hawkridgesys.com


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