This document has detailed instructions on how to download, install, license and administer SOLIDWORKS Visualize. 

Before loading any software, you should always login with full administrative permissions and disable your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.

This is not a troubleshooting guide.  If you have any technical issues with SOLIDWORKS Visualize, please contact a support technician through our website at or call us at 1-877-266-4469 (U.S.A.) or 1-866-587-6803 (Canada).

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize: 2016 Installation Guide

Before Installation

Downloading Installation Files

Basic Installation




It is highly recommended to take a moment before installing SOLIDWORKS Visualize to check that you are ready to load your new software.  Follow these steps before installing SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

  1. Ensure eligibility for SOLIDWORKS Visualize. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is bundled with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium packages. The license must also be on active subscription.
  2. Login to your computer with full administrative rights.  
  3. Turn down the User Account Control setting (found in the Control Panel).  To do this, press your Windows button, either on the screen or on the keyboard.  Then type “UAC” followed by the Enter key.  The window that follows shows a vertical scroll bar.  Make the setting “Never Notify” for the installation (requires restarting the computer to take effect) and change it back after installing, if you prefer. 
  4. Disable all anti-virus and anti-spyware tools. 



  1. Navigate to (You'll have to login with your Solidworks Customer Portal account)
  2. Change the Selected Version to 2016
  3. Find and Select Solidworks Visualize
  4. Begin Downloading Visualize
  5. Proceed to Basic Installation when download has finished



  1. Double click on the downloaded installation file to begin installation.
  2. Click Next on the welcome page
  3. Accept the End-User License Agreement and click Next.
  4. Select the setup type. Select Typical to install most common program features and then Click Next.
  5. SOLIDWORKS Visualize begins installing.
  6. Click Finish.



  1. Launch SOLIDWORKS Visualize. It will prompt for activation.  
  2. Enter your SOLIDWORKS Visualize serial number and click “Activate”. Please note that internet connection during this activation process is required. Internet is not needed after the activation process is completed.
  3. If you have SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium with active subscription, you will be using your existing SOLIDWORKS CAD serial number to activate SOLIDWORKS Visualize. You can find your serial number from the original SOLIDWORKS CAD purchase email or by launching SOLIDWORKS and going to Help > About > Show Serial Number.
  4. Select folder location for SOLIDWORKS Visualize Content.
  5. Click Continue and begin enjoying SOLIDWORKS Visualize!


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  • We have found that sometimes selecting "Typical" as setup type causes installation failure. If this happens, restart the installation process and select "Custom" as setup type, but keep all the standard settings.


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