Assigning Materials to Bodies in Multi-Body Part

This guide was written to allow the user to assign specific materials to individual bodies in a multi-body part.

In order to assign materials to a single body in a part, the solid bodies folder must be set to “Show”. To do this, open the “System Options” in SOLIDWORKS. In “System Options”, select “FeatureManager”. Select the drop down menu next to “Solid Bodies”, then select “Show”. The image below demonstrates this process.

After setting the solid bodies folder to “Show”, open or create the part that will be inserted into another multi body part. Once the part has been opened, expand the solid bodies folder and right click the feature entity in the folder. Once the right-click menu appears, hover over “Material” and select “Edit Material” as shown in the image on the following page.


After selecting “Edit Material” select the desired material from the materials window that appears. For the sake of this article, AISI 1020 will be used.

After selecting the material to be used, open or create the part to insert the previously opened part into. Once the part has been opened or created, select “Insert”, then select “Part”. Navigate to the desired part to be used and select “Open”. After the part has been inserted, expand the solid bodies folder, then expand the inserted part. The assigned material will then appear below the part as shown below.

The inserted body will now have the previously selected material assigned to it. Please note that materials assigned to solid bodies overrides the part’s materials.


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