How Can A user Manually Update a Toolbox?

This article applies to SOLIDWORKS 2014 and older.
If updating a Toolbox to SOLIDWORKS 2015 or newer, please refer to this article.

Question: How can a user manually update a Toolbox "swbrowser.mdb" database to the next major version or Service Pack?

Answer: The update to "swbrowser.mdb" can be manually performed by following the steps below. Be sure to create a backup of your Toolbox directory (C:\SolidWorks Data by default) before performing any upgrades or changes to your toolbox.

  1. On a user's machine open Windows Explorer and browse to
    C:\Program Files\Solidworks (install directory)\SolidWorks\Toolbox\data utilities, locate the file called UpdateBrowserData.exe
  2. Double click this file to run the update utility.
  3. For the Updating Database field browse to C:\Program Files\Solidworks (install directory)\Solidworks\Toolbox\data utilities\lang\English and choose the file updatedb.mdb.
  4. For the Database to Update field browse to C:\SolidWorks Data(shared toobox folder)\lang\English\ and choose the SWBrowser.mdb.


For users upgrading to SolidWorks 2012 through SolidWorks 2014, one additional upgrade must be completed.

  1. Launch sldtoolboxupdate.exe found in C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\Toolbox\toolboxconfigure\
  2. Click the "SolidWorks/Toolbox installation media location..." button and browse to your SolidWorks media directory.
  3. Click Process to update the toolbox contents.


Note: If the user is running a shared Toolbox installation where multiple users interact with the same SWBrowser.mdb file in a shared location, then ALL users must exit SolidWorks to ensure that no user is locking the database. If the database is currently in use, then the update will fail. 

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