Manual Project Archive and Check-in with SOLIDWORKS Electrical and PDM

This article provides a workflow for manually archiving SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects and checking them into a SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional vault. This can be used as an alternative to the existing SWE-PDM integration tools (the “Update files for PDM” or “Check in/Check out” functions), which are only compatible with PDM Professional.


  1. Open the Projects Manager in SWE, select the project to backup, then click Archive.


  1. In the Save As dialog box, browse to the desired vault location, then click Save to save the .proj.tewzip archive file.



  1. When prompted by SWE, click Yes to open the directory in which the archive was created.


  1. Right-click the new archive file, click Check-in, then Check-in again in the dialog box. The project archive is now stored in the vault.


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