SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress Code

Marsilino Bilatos

This article will describe how to enable SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress comes with SOLIDWORKS Premium, Professional and Standard.


Although included in your purchase of SOLIDWORKS, you will need to activate SimulationXpress in order to use it. Please note that the SimulationXpress Code is specific to your serial number. To obtain the your activation code, kindly follow the steps outlined below:


1. Open a SOLIDWORKS file. The file maybe just a new part file if you like.

2. Click on Tools.

3. Select Xpress Products.

4. Select SimulationXpress.

5. Click on the link provided.


6. Copy the code presented in the following message, "Your activation code is XXXXXXXX. You will need the code to enable SimulationXpress when prompted in SOLIDWORKS."

7. Paste the code in the SimulationXpress Product Code field.


If you require further assistance, please contact our tech support team at 


Thank you.

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    Jonathan Lin

    This process is identical for every single Xpress Product. Click on the link provided and receive your xpress code.

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