SOLIDWORKS Section View End Cap Color

This document describes the processes and details specific to setting the end cap color displayed when creating section views in context of parts and assemblies.

When creating section views in context of parts and assemblies, the default end cap color is blue which makes it hard, especially with assemblies, to distinguish the geometry.


You can see from the screen shot above that the default blue set for the end cap color of section views makes it hard to distinguish the black edges of geometry. There are a couple options available in the section view property manager that manage the color display of the end caps.

The main option that you should be concerned about is the "Keep cap color" check box. It is a little bit counter intuitive, because you would think that this option would keep the original color of the part for the end cap, but instead it keeps the blue color displayed in the preview when you are initially creating the section view. The blue color can be set via the edit color button to whatever color you desire, however, keep in mind that this color will be kept as the end cap color when the above mentioned check box is selected. De-selecting this check box will cause the end cap color to remain consistent with the color of the part.   

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