Using Model Items to Add Dimensions to Sheet Metal Part Created From a Solid

This article will discuss how to use the model items tool to dimension a sheet metal part that was created by converting a solid to sheet metal.



If you to use the model items tool to dimension a sheet metal part that was created from converting a solid body to sheet metal, you will get the following error:



Although you have spent the time dimensioning your drawing, you will get the error informing you that you do not have dimensions in the drawing. This is caused by a limitation in the software. This article will describe a workaround that will allow you to import your dimensions using the model items tool when creating and converting a solid body to sheet metal.



To start, create your solid body part and fully dimension you the sketch.


Using the Convert to Sheet Metal tool, convert your solid body to sheet metal.


You will now need to roll back your feature tree to the point prior to the sheet metal conversion.


Next, create a drawing of the solid body. This can be done by clicking File and selecting Make Drawing from Part.


Now use the model items to dimension your drawing. All the dimensions you placed in the sketch will be reflected in the drawing.


Go back to the part file, and roll the feature tree forward to after the sheet metal conversion.


This will update the part in the drawing file and will maintain the dimensions.

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