SOLIDWORKS 2016 Online Edition - Powered by Frame

Frank Lynn

Powering SOLIDWORKS from the cloud


Here is an article posted from Frame recently describing how you can deploy SOLIDWORKS with the Frame technology across the web to many devices without installation or high end hardware. Frank, Hawk Ridge Systems

From the Frame Blog:

"This morning, SOLIDWORKS unveiled their brand new SOLIDWORKS 2016 at their launch event in Boston. It comes with many new improvements on usability, rendering, and simulation.

But the coolest thing I saw was Gian Paolo Bassi, SOLIDWORKS CEO, running his opening demo on a $249 Chromebook, directly in a browser, with no plugins required. It turns out, this was his favorite part too:"


View the 2 minute YouTube video of this presentation here:

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Online Edition

This is the Keynote by Gian-Paolo Bassi, SOLIDWORKS CEO, announcing SOLIDWORKS 2016 Online Edition.


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