"The syntax of this equation is incorrect."

Kevin Chow

If you see the error message for "The syntax of this equation is incorrect" while editing your equations and the equation is a valid one, the VBA prerequisite software may need to be reinstalled.  The VBA prerequisites can be found in <SolidWorks installation files>\prereqs.  This software is also attached below.

To repair the VBA prerequisite please run the following:

  • vba71.msi
  • vba71-kb2783832-x64.msp
  • vba71_1033.msi (For English versions)

If you are not using the English version, you can run the appropriate file by hovering over the different files and selecting the correct version.

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    dany moshe

    using win10 and SW2014 sp 0.0
    tried to install the VBA's installer but :( -> did nit fix it

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    Robert Williams

    The zip file seems to be corrupted.