CAMWorks Network Licensing Made Easy

This article explains how you can quickly and effectively obtain a "Network" license for CAMWorks

People contact us because they want to obtain a Network license for their new or existing CAMWorks program and don't understand how to do this, what they need to do, and where to get the components needed. Here is a simple step by step guide to obtain the CWLicense Manager, and set up a new license file for your Network version of CAMWorks.


Background Information

SOLIDWORKS Network licenses are activation based, in that you install the SolidNetwork license manager and activate the license over the internet.

However, CAMWorks network licenses are license file based. In order to use a CAMWorks network license, you download and install the license manager and then request a license file.


To get the CAMWorks License manager:

Go to and create a login if you don't already have one. After creating a CAMWorks login, you should get an account verification email back within one day. If not, call CAMWorks at 480.367.0132

Note: You will need your CPD number to create a log-in. CPD numbers are 6 digits long. If you don't have your CAMWorks CPD number, please call Hawk Ridge Systems technical support so that we can look it up for you.

After creating an account, login to and click on "CAMWorks Downloads". You will see this link near the lower portion of the page.

Once you have clicked on "Downloads ", you should see a list of links to CAMWorks Options. Click on "Miscellaneous Downloads", then download and install the CW License Manager.




When launching the CW License Manager, be certain to right click on the executable and select "Run as administrator".



The CAMWorks License Manager looks like the image below:



To Request a Network License

Enter your Server name and port 27000 by arrow #1 in the picture below.

Then, click on the Request license button shown in the picture below by arrow #2.

Note: This must be done directly from the computer that will use this license, not from a remote desktop.



Next, you will see the image shown below.

Fill in all of your information on the form, and use 27000 for "server port for floating license".

Click Outlook (if you use Outlook for email on this computer) and it will open an email. If you do not use Outlook, then click the "Other" button for web based mail programs, it will generate a text file that you can attach to your email.

Send this file to ""



After you have emailed your request to, you will receive back a license .LIC file with a few days.

Place the new .LIC file that you received back from CAMWorks in your C:\CW License Manager folder (on the server computer).

Note: This should be the only .LIC file in this location.



To set up the new License

On the "Server Settings" tab of the CW License Manager, click the "Browse" button next to arrow #1 in the image below, and navigate to the C:\CW License Manager folder. Select the .LIC file and click "apply" The License file path will now show next to arrow#1 as well.

Note: if there is a temp .LIC file it can cause problems, remove it and only use the new file. 

Click on "Install the CAMWorks license service" (arrow 2) and then start the license service (arrow 3)





What to expect

You should now be able to click the status tab and see "Succeeded" next to "Authorization".

Note: If it says failed, please confirm the server and port name.





Open SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks should open with it.

If the CAMWorks tabs in SOLIDWORKS are greyed out, you will need to go to the SOLIDWORKS menu > Help > Camworks > License, and check mark the highlighted products that you are entitled to, and then click "update license". This will turn on the CAMWorks software in SOLIDWORKS.



You are now ready to begin using your network license for CAMWorks!


Who to call for License support

Hawk Ridge Systems 877-266-4469

CAMWorks 480.367.0132 opt1


Enjoy your new CAMWorks Program! Go and make great things.


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  • For Client to server connectivity, you may need to allow access through the firewalls for lmgrd.exe, and teksoft.exe.

  • HI Frank, i'll start on this tomorrow

  • Frank, i followed these directions as close as i could . it generated a text file that i had to manually email to
    do i wait at this point?

  • To answer the last question here, "Do I wait at this point?" The answer is yes, but it should only take a two to five working days. If you need to get up and running, then contact us for temporary licensing while the permanent license is being processed. We can also help to keep tabs on the request.

  • Also, on this article, if the What To Expect is not Succeeded after these steps, then go back and check that the information entered previously is still correct. Some people running temporary licenses may have lost the Port number and Server Name information due to changes. I just had a case where I needed to add the port number and server name after receiving the permanent license which came after using the temporary license.


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