Why isn’t eDrawing showing shaded views?

This article will discuss why some files opened in eDrawing appear in wireframe while others appear as shaded and others showing as shaded with edges



What is eDrawings?

eDrawings is a communication tool used for sharing and viewing 2D drawings and 3D models.  eDrawings uses the latest technology, allowing designers to optimize their designs. eDrawing is designed to include Augmented Reality, a technology that digitally adds graphics information to augment a live video feed.  The digital information added allows the video to appear as it would truly appear in the real world. In terms of SOLIDWORKS, the live video feedback is the model created using the software. The benefit of Augmented Reality is that it allows the designer to visualize how their SOLIDWORKS designed models will appear in the real world.

Shaded views and animations

Due to file type limitations, shaded views and animation features are only available for files created on SOLIDWORKS.  Although eDrawings is capable of opening 2D drawing files and 3D models files, it can only display the shaded views and animations for SOLIDWORKS files, since files created on SOLIDWORKS contain an actual solid.

Effect of File Format

Depending on how the file is saved, the initial view on eDrawings will differ. The table below summarizes how the file format will affect the initial state. Note that the way the file is saved also influences the initial state.

Type of File Shaded Mode Show Edges when shaded
*.sldprt, *.sldasm ON if file saved in Shaded or Shaded with Edges mode ON if file saved in Shaded with Edges mode
*.eprt, *.easm (published from SOLIDWORKS 2007 or later) ON if in Shaded or Shaded with Edges mode when published ON if in Shaded with Edges mode when published
*.slddrw, *.edrw ON Not available

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