This article will outline the steps required to export a 3D DXF file from SOLIDWORKS to be used with a 2D drafting program.


1. From your part or assembly file click on File and select Save As.

2. From the Save as type drop-down menu select the file type ACIS(*.sat).


3. Next, use the acisin command in your 2D drafting program to import this file.


4. Select yours.SAT file from you saved.

5. Save your 2D drafting program file as DXF or DWG.

Now you are ready to use the new 3D DXF files you just created.


Note, some 2D drafting programs are limited in the versions of the.SAT files it opens. It is recommended to save your ACIS(*.sat) as of version 7.0 or older. To do so click on Options, and from the Version, drop-down select the version.

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