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This article explains how you can quickly and effectively obtain a license for CAMWorks



People contact us because they want to obtain a license for their new or existing CAMWorks program and don't understand how to do this, what they need to do, and where to get the components needed.


Background Information

SOLIDWORKS is "Activation Based", you install SOLIDWORKS standalone and activate the license over the internet, pretty simple.

CAMWorks on the other hand is "License File based", you download and install the license manager and then request a license file.


To get the CAMWorks License manager
Go to, create a login if you don't already have one. (You should get a reply email back within one day). If not, call CAMWorks at 480.367.0132

Note: You will need your CPD number to create a log-in. They are 6 digits long. If you don't have your CAMWorks CPD number please call Hawk Ridge Systems tech support. We can look it up for you.

Now Log in to and click on "Downloads". You will see the Downloads Icon at the lower portion of the page.

Click "downloads " and you should see a list of links to CAMWorks Options. Click on Miscellaneous Downloads, then download and install the CW License Manager.

When you open the CW License Manager be certain to Right Click on the executable and click run as administrator.

The CAMWorks License Manager it looks like this:

 To Request a License 

Click on the Request license button shown in the picture below.

Note: This must be done directly from the computer that will use this license, not from a remote desktop.

Fill in your information and use Port 27000.

Then click Outlook (if you have Outlook) or "Other" for web based mail programs and it will generate a text file that you can attach to your email.

Send this file to "".

They will send an email back with a .LIC file within a few days.


Place the new .LIC file that you received back from CAMWorks in your C:\CW License Manager folder.

Note: This should be the Only .LIC file

 To set up the new License

On the license Setup tab, browse to the C:\CW License Manager folder and pick the (new) .LIC file and click "apply."

Note: if there is already a temporary or other.LIC file it can cause problems, remove it, or rename it to .OLD and use the new .LIC file.

 What to expect

You should now be able to click the status tab and see "SUCCEEDED!"


Open SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks should open with it.

If the CAMWorks tabs are greyed out you will need to go to the SOLIDWORKS menu - Help>Camworks>License and then check mark the highlighted products that you are entitled to and then click "update license." This will turn on the CAMWorks products in your SOLIDWORKS program.



 Here are some helpful links and contacts

CAMWorks Installation guide 2015

CAMWorks installation guide 2014


Who to call for License support

Hawk Ridge Systems 877-266-4469

CAMWorks 480.367.0132 opt1




Enjoy your new CAMWorks program! Go and make great things.


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