Displaying Cosmetic Threads in Assemblies

View All Annotations

 It is possible that cosmetic threads are hidden because they are filtered out under the “view” tab.  To display cosmetic threads here, click View > All Annotations, as seen in the screenshot below.

Cosmetic Display Filter

This is another filter, in the annotation properties, that can cause cosmetic threads to not display. To enable cosmetic threads here: Right click on the Annotations folder > Details > Cosmetic threads checkbox. Please see the screenshots below for reference. 

Display Annotations

As a group, Annotations can be toggled on and off which can result in cosmetic threads not displaying. To turn on Annotations, Right Click the Annotations folder and select “Display Annotations”. Below is a screenshot showing where the setting is located.


Assembly Settings for All Components

This is to ensure that your annotation settings are applied to all components. Again, right click the Annotations folder > details > Use assembly settings for all components checkbox. Please see the screenshots below for reference.


Combinations that Display

The table below shows which combinations of settings will allow cosmetic threads to display.


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