How to Link A Technology Database

The Technology Database (Tech DB) can be changed for any CAMWorks installation. This is useful for setting up multiple databases and being able to switch between them. 

You can use the same database for multiple different users as long as they are all linked to the same database.


To link to a new Tech DB, navigate to Windows Start>All Programs>CAMWorks 20xx>Technology Database. Microsoft Access is used to open the Database. Choose the "Maintenance" option. 

Choose "Link Database."

The window will show which Tech DB file is currently being pointed to. To link to a new Database, choose "Browse" and find your other/new TechDB.mdb file. It is recommended that you organize a separate, uniquely named folder for each database file if you plan on switching them regularly. Once the file has been selected, choose "Next". On the next screen, click "Start Linking". The database will load. Click "Finish" 


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