Problem Importing DWG Files Into SOLIDWORKS Electrical

This article discusses a problem with importing 2013 DWG files into SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2014 and older versions. The problem does not occur with DWG files of format 2010 or older. The problem was fixed in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2015, which can import 2013 and older DWG files.


In SWE 2014, a 2013 DWG will seem to import without error and show in the document tree. However, when a user tries to open it, they will receive an error saying "corrupted file", as shown below.

If the user then tries to delete the file from the document tree, they will receive another error, "Cannot delete [filepath] database objects". This will prevent them from removing the file from their project.

The cause of the corrupted file error is a limitation in SWE 2014 and older versions that prevents 2013 DWG files from being imported. The user can either upgrade to SWE 2015 or convert the DWG file to an older DWG format using DraftSight or other program.

The inability to delete the file from the project can be resolved by creating a new book in the document tree, moving the problem file into that book, then deleting the new book itself. The "cannot delete" error message will still appear, but the book and file will be removed after clicking OK.

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