Why is CAMWorks Not Listed in the Add-Ins List for SOLIDWORKS?

After a new installation of CAMWorks, some users find that CAMWorks cannot be selected in the SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins window. This article describes how to show CAMWorks under the SOLIDWORKS Add-In list.  

Missing CAMWorks Add-In

The version of CAMWorks must be the same or older than SOLIDWORKS. CAMWorks 2014 cannot be used with SOLIDWORKS 2015. If a compatible version of CAMWorks is missing under the SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins list, please perform the following to display the CAMWorks add-in:

  2. Go to File>Open
  3. In the Open window set the File Type to Add-Ins (*.dll)

  4. Browse to C:\Program Files\CAMWorks20XXx64\CAMWorks_VCXX
  5. Select the CWAddinu.dll and Open

CAMWorks should now be available under the SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins list.


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  • Tim Fulton also suggested that its needs to be the latest and greatest 2015 service pack of CAMWorks,
    Plus if you install SWX second it will mask CW. You need to install SOLIDWORKS 2016 and then CAMWorks 2015

    Had one customer that needed to run SOLIDWORKS as an administrator to get the DLL to "stick"


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