Why Does My SOLIDWORKS Assembly Appear Transparent?

A common issue in SOLIDWORKS is components of an assembly becoming transparent upon opening. The assembly could look correct and be saved and closed, but appear clear when opening again

In many cases, an assemblies outer shell can appear transparent, with graphical inconsistencies throughout the model. This issue is most likely related to the “bounding box” of the assembly, which is an invisible cube that SOLIDWORKS uses to estimate what region of the screen should be graphically calculated and displayed.

Use the following steps to restore the graphics:

  1. Press the space bar to bring up the view orientation dialog 
  2. Choose a standard view, like ‘Isometric’ 
  3. Force rebuild (Ctrl-Q) 
  4. Save 
  5. Close 
  6. Re-open the file

The assembly should now appear as it did originally.

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