eDrawings 2015 Special Edition crashes with SOLIDWORKS 2015 Document Manager installed

Problem: eDrawings 2015 Special Edition will crash when opening SOLIDWORKS drawings (.slddrw) if SOLIDWORKS 2015 Document Manager is installed.

Background: eDrawings 2015 Special Edition is a one time only release that will run only on Windows 7 32-bit systems.  Users may attempt to install eDrawings 2015 SE to open SOLIDWORKS files because it's the only version that can be run as a standalone on Windows 7 32-bit.  If SOLIDWORKS 2015 Document Manager is installed then eDrawings 2015 SE will crash when opening SOLIDWORKS drawings with error "EModelViewer Module has stopped working".  SOLIDWORKS parts and assembly (sldprt and sldasm) files open without issues.  

Please note that SOLIDWORKS 2015 Document Manager is installed with 2015 Enterprise PDM clients.

SOLIDWORKS Development is aware of the problem and has issued critical level SPR 873877 - “eDrawings 2015 SE (32-bit) crashes opening Drawings (slddrw) if Document Manager 2015 is installed".


Below is the full Technical Alert from SOLIDWORKS regarding eDrawings 2015 SE:

- eDrawings 2015 32-bit Special Edition (SE) is a one-off release for the 32-bit Windows 7 operating system for opening SOLIDWORKS 2015 native sld* model files:

• No Service Packs or hotfixes will be provided
• This is the last eDrawings version that will install/run on any 32-bit Windows operating system
• It is available for standalone viewer installations only
• You cannot open 2015 eDrawings eprt, easm, edrw files with this version

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