Manually rebuilding the Workgroup vault tree info

When the Workgroup vault tree display is wrong, it's time to clear-cut.


There are occasions when the file display information becomes corrupt in a Workgroup vault. Some symptoms for this can be files not showing in the project they should be or errors opening, viewing or moving files.


Starting with Workgroup 2013, you can rebuild the tree information using the Vault Rebuild option on the Vault Management tab. In prior versions, you will have to manually rebuild the information using the steps below.


**Note: We always recommend backing up your vault before making these changes.

1. In the VaultAdmin tool, enable Validation for Every Startup

2. Stop the "SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Server" service

3. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the VaultData folder

4. Rename "VaultData dir"\data\

5a. To update individual projects, you will need to rename the following files if present:
- "VaultData dir"\projects\"ProjectName"\pdmrc\tree.pdmw
- "VaultData dir"\projects\"ProjectName"\pdmrc\treeinfo.pdmw
- "VaultData dir"\projects\"ProjectName"\pdmrc\treeinfo.old.pdmw

5b. To update the the entire vault, perform a Windows search under the "VaultData" directory for "tree" and either delete or rename the three tree information files under each project (tree.pdmw, treeinfo.pdmw, treeinfo.old.pdmw).

6. Restart the vault service **twice** with validation enabled.

Restarting the vault service twice with vault validation enabled will repair the vault by recreating the missing tree information and tree metadata files in those projects.

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