2015 Workgroup Critical SPR

Patrick James

2015 Workgroup Critical SPR #837626

This article describes a critical SPR for upgraded 2015 Workgroup PDM vaults


**This article is written for upgraded 2015 workgroup vaults including service packs 0, 1 and 1.1**

Affected vaults will have the Workgroup service stop on the server machine causing the vault to be inaccessible to users. The vault may then be restarted temporarily resolving the issue, but it will crash again after some time.


SOLIDWORKS has identified this as SPR #837626 'Incompatible version: 0. Vault version is: -2063129475...' message pointing to server service stopping (crashing) in upgraded 2015 vaults.


There is currently no workaround or hotfix at this time. SOLIDWORKS development is currently working on a fix. If you are experiencing this issue, please call our technical support line in the US (877) 266-4469 or in Canada (866) 587 6803 so we may add you to the SPR list.

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