CAMWorks Engrave

CAMWorks has the ability to set toolpath to engrave text onto flat or curved surfaces. We will go through the example of adding an engrave feature from a sketch text onto a curved surface. Note that we will be going through the feature using a 3-Axis Machine.

First, setup your sketch on a 2D plane oriented properly in relation to your curved surface and your set up. Keep in mind that this sketch will be projected onto the surface. In this example, the text “Hawk Ridge Systems” will be projected down onto the surface below.

Insert the appropriate Mill Part Set Up and make sure your stock and machine are defined. In the feature tree, Right-Click your setup and Select New 2.5 Axis Feature. In the feature window, choose “Curve Feature” as the type. Under “Use” select your text sketch and click Next.

Set the end condition type to “Blind” and set the depth based on how deep you want your engraving. Click Next, then Finish.

Switch to the Operations tab. RMB the part set up and choose New 3 Axis Mill Operation>Curve Project. Click “New Multi Surface Feature.”

The Multi-Surface Feature window opens. Click the surface you want your text to project on in the graphics area, then click the green check.

Choose the new Multi Surface Feature in the operation manager and click the green check.       

In the Operations tab, RMB the newly created curve project operation and choose “Add Engrave/Curve Feature.” Choose the Curve Feature you made and click “Add”.

You can now generate toolpath for your engrave text operation. Make any adjustments you need to the tool or feature.

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