SldToolboxUpdater Error When Upgrading SOLIDWORKS

How to solve the "SldToolboxUpdater" error when installing or upgrading SOLIDWORKS.



Examining the Error Logs

The first step in resolving this issue is to use the installation logs to determine the cause of the error. Once these logs have been opened, search for the term "Return Value 3". This return code indicates that an action has failed during the install process.

Above the term "Return Value 3", the cause of the error will be listed. In this scenario, look for the entry "SW MSG: WIDll_SldToolboxUpdater: Failed to find toolbox zips folder in C:\..."

The example below shows the error logs of a case where a SOLIDWORKS upgrade failed due to the error mentioned above. 




This error is occurring because the installation manager cannot access the files needed to install the default toolbox. In order to resolve this error, access to a DVD or full download for the same major version of SOLIDWORKS will be needed.

  • For example, if the error in question was encountered during an upgrade to 2015 SP2, then a 2015 SP0 DVD or full download can be used.

By accessing a compatible DVD or full download, a folder titled "Toolbox" containing 19 archived Toolbox standards will be found. Make sure these 19 files are not extracted or opened, and place the full folder titled "Toolbox" in the file path listed in the "SW MSG: WIDll_SldToolboxUpdater: Failed to find toolbox zips folder in C:\..." installation log entry. 

In the case of the example error log shown above, the "Toolbox" folder was placed in the path outlined in red, shown as: C:\Users\i-worx\Documents\SolidWorks Downloads\SOLIDWORKS 2015 x64 SP01.1\sw2015-0.0-1.1-x

After the "Toolbox" folder has been placed in the correct location, attempt the SOLIDWORKS installation again.

If you do not have access to the installation media necessary to obtain the full "Toolbox" folder, or if the above steps do not solve your issue, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at:

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