Where do I get CustomTools?

Chris Cook


I just bought CustomTools and I have my license information.  Where do I get the software?  Is there media?


There is no media.  The application is downloaded directly from the developer's website.

  1. Browse to
  2. Hover over the LOG IN link in the upper right and select CUSTOMERS
  3. Enter the Company name and serial number you received from our Order Management team.  There serial number should be 12 digits, in 4 digit groups, separated by spaces (1234 5678 9012).
  4. Hit ENROL (It's Finnish)
  5. Select the version for your client and server OSes.  The links at the top of the list are the most recent.  Each one contains the installers for all client and server software, including SQL Server Express Edition, in case you are not using your own existing MS SQL Server.


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