Welcome to Hawk Ridge Systems Getting Started.  This page contains information on administering SOLIDWORKS.


1. The following document contains information to help SOLIDWORKS run most efficiently on a system for best user experience.

System Optimization


2. Consider using a SOLIDWORKS Administrative Image if you need to manage multiple installations of SOLIDWORKS.  This document contains information on setting up, configuring and deploying administrative images.

2024 SOLIDWORKS Administrative Image Guide

2023 SOLIDWORKS Administrative Image Guide

2022 SOLIDWORKS Administrative Image Guide


3. If you have purchased upgrades or add-ins or you are changing your license from standalone to network (or vice versa), you will need to first transfer your license, then follow these instructions to load the new tools.

2024 Modify SOLIDWORKS Installation

2023 Modify SOLIDWORKS Installation

2022 Modify SOLIDWORKS Installation


4. If you have purchased additional licenses for a Network license, you will need to reactivate the license on your license server to update the license information.

2024 Update Network License

2023 Update Network License

2022 Update Network License


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