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Welcome to Hawk Ridge Systems Getting Started.  This page contains information on PDM Professional installation and administration.



1. Before installing SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software, you should install Microsoft SQL Server.  The software is included with the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional media kit.  If you cannot locate the Microsoft SQL Server disc, please contact Technical Support.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 PDM Installation Guide with SQL 2014/2016/2017/2019 installation instructions


2. Once Microsoft SQL Server has been installed and configured, proceed to install the PDM Archive and Database Server components.

2024 PDM Professional Archive Server Install

2024 PDM Professional Database Server Install

2023 PDM Professional Archive Server Install

2023 PDM Professional Database Server Install

2022 PDM Professional Archive Server Install

2022 PDM Professional Database Server Install


3. Then install PDM Professional clients and create a local vault view to access the vault.

2024 PDM Client Installation

2023 PDM Client Installation

2022 PDM Client Installation



1. If you are planning to upgrade PDM Professional, please consider setting up a test environment and conduct proper testing before upgrading your production environment.

PDM Test Environment


2. A commonly missed step in an PDM Professional upgrade is the database upgrade.  

PDM Database Upgrade Utility


3. SolidWorks files located in an PDM Professional/Enterprise PDM vault can be updated using the PDM File Version Upgrade Utility.

PDM File Version Upgrade Utility


4. Regular backups of your PDM Professional SQL databases, archive server settings, and vault archives should be made in case PDM Professional needs to be restored.

PDM Backup and Restore


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