Workgroup PDM Installation: START HERE

Welcome to Hawk Ridge Systems Getting Started.  This page contains information on SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Client and Server installation.


SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM software is included with the SOLIDWORKS DVD/download.  You will need to install the Workgroup PDM Vault on your server first before Workgroup PDM clients can access your vault.

1. The link below contains instructions to install or upgrade the Workgroup PDM Vault on your server.  The document also contains instructions to load the VaultAdmin tool used to manage your vault.

2017 Workgroup PDM Vault Installation

2016 Workgroup PDM Vault Installation

2. By default, the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM client add-in is installed if you have a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license. Please refer to the link below for instructions to load SOLIDWORKS Explorer with the Workgroup PDM add-in used with the Contributor license.  The document also contains instructions to install a Workgroup PDM Viewer license (sold separately) which will allow access to your vault using Internet Explorer.

2017 Workgroup PDM Client Installation

2016 Workgroup PDM Client Installation

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