SOLIDWORKS Licensing and Registration: START HERE

Welcome to Hawk Ridge Systems Getting Started.  This page contains information on SOLIDWORKS registration, activation, and licensing information.

1. If you would like to register your SOLIDWORKS product and access the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal, please use the link below for detailed instructions.  Registering your product with SOLIDWORKS will allow you to download software, access the knowledge base and other features.

2021 Product Registration

2020 Product Registration

2019 Product Registration

2018 Product Registration

2017 Product Registration


2. If you have have already installed your SOLIDWORKS product and would like to know how to activate SOLIDWORKS software on your computer, please see the link below for instructions.

2021 SOLIDWORKS Standalone Activation

2020 SOLIDWORKS Standalone Activation

2019 SOLIDWORKS Standalone Activation

2018 SOLIDWORKS Standalone Activation

2017 SOLIDWORKS Standalone Activation

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