Creating custom attributes in SolidWorks Electrical 2014

Justin Ludwig



Creating Custom Attributes in SolidWorks Electrical


December 27, 2013


SolidWorks Electrical custom attributes


How to create custom attributes in SolidWorks Electrical 2014



SolidWorks Electrical gives you the option to create custom attributes.



1. With an active project open, click PROJECT>CONFIGURATIONS>USER DATA



2. In the new window, scroll down and highlight ‘ReferenceUserDataDescription’ in the Application Settings panel.  Click Properties.  NOTE: This workflow will make these new attributes available for all projects.




3.  In the new window, click Insert Group to add a new category.




4.  In the New Group window, click into the empty space in the English row and enter your category name.  Click OK to save the changes.



5.  With the new category highlighted, click Insert User Data.



6.  In the New User Data window, enter your custom attribute name.  Click OK.



7.  Confirm that your new custom attribute exists within your custom category and click OK.



8.  With ‘ReferenceUserDataDescription’ highlighted, click Add to Project and it should place a copy of itself in the Project Settings panel.  Click Close.



9.  In your Part Properties, you will now have your new custom attribute available for you to use.


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