Which HRS Analysis Services Can Help Your Design Process?

Ricky Huynh

By Jared Conway


In the analysis consulting group at Hawk Ridge Systems, many of our customer interactions are simply determining which of our services best meets the customer’s needs. This usually involves evaluating factors like their budget, time frame, current knowledge level , desired knowledge level, and even what SolidWorks Simulation software they have access to or want to have access to eventually. From there we are able to point the customer in the right direction or generate a customized solution comprised of a combination of consulting, software, training and support that meets their unique design process needs.

We recently discussed this process and the knowledge pyramid in our Analysis Services Overview presentation on Webinar Wednesday. Check it out here if you didn’t get a chance to attend and want to learn more about how Hawk Ridge Systems’ Analysis Services can help you and your design process. Don’t hesitate to call us at 877-266-4469 in the US or 866-587-6803 in Canada, or email us at to start your free consultation where we’ll talk to you about your application and how we can help.

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