Simulation Meshing

Simulation meshing problems:

  1. Check for imported parts…make sure they pass import diagnostics.
  2. Check that all parts survive verification on rebuild.
  3. Simplify parts….remove any features that don’t matter.
  4. Check for interferences. There can’t be any interference between components unless they are excluded or beams or shells. Interferences can only be used if you’re working with shrink fit conditions within the limitations defined in the help.
  5. Make sure that the parts can mesh on their own with the size that you selected. That will give you a good idea of the element size you need. Remember 2 elements across a solid.
  6. Start slowly…exclude all components, then mesh…if it works, include another component until you find the one that is causing you trouble.

Possible fixes:

  1. Fix the geometry. Remove anything that doesn’t matter, use split lines instead of small cuts/extrudes. Remove small faces that project onto each other that might cause meshing issues with large element sizes.
  2. Make sure you’re using an appropriate geometry size. 2-3 elements across the solid.
  3. Incompatible meshing
  4. Alternate mesher
  5. Mesh Controls…..use body/part level to get the elements throughout a body. Remember how the layers will work.

This would mostly apply to solid meshing problems. Beams/Shells don’t really have that many problems.

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