I want to add programming notes & comments into the code. How can I do that?

Daniel Lyon

I like to write information into the program to help the operator setup the machine & give him some notes where the program zero lies etc. How can I do that in CAMWorks?

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    Daniel Lyon

    This can be done in a variety of ways. If the notes are specific to an operation then you can right click on the operation & use the Add Comment option. Anything added to the 'At start of Operation' portion will be output in the code. The 'Programming Notes' section is for reference and will not be output in the code.


    If the information is more generic (perhaps setup information) then a Post Operation can be used. The post processor needs to be setup to allow creation Post Operations. If you have created the post processor yourself or have the Source code (.SRC file) then you can use the attached instructions to create your own Post Operations that you can then add comments to.