Am I able to change the feedrate within an operation?

Daniel Lyon

I'd like to be able to change the feedrate in the corners to prevent chatter/broken tools? Can that be done?

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    Daniel Lyon

    Yes it can be done in one of two ways:

    1) We can handle this in the post processor using logic statements: eg if move type = arc, Feedrate/2, feedrate so for any arc move the feedrate is halved. We can always use nested if statements to control whether it satisfies certain other conditions also such as arc angle>90 etc

    2) This can be achieved in CAMWorks by editing the toolpath. In the Operation tab, browse to the operation, exapnd the + symbol next to it & right click on the feature. Select the Edit Toolpath option. To make a feed rate change you can either right click on a move (eg Cut) and insert a Feed Rate Change or if you want to edit one of the existing feed rates you can use the right click on the feed rate & choose Edit. You will be prompted to lock the toolpath to prevent Generate toolpath wiping the changes. Note if you need to update the toolpath will need to be unlocked, regenerated to update it & then remodified & locked again.