CAMWorks 2.5 Axis Features

The picture below, with the following explanations, defines what the features are called in the 2.5 Axis section of CAMWorks. 


  • Face is a cut that finishes the face/plane so it is smooth and level. 
  • Pocket is an interior recess cut.
  • Engrave is a shallow cut made easy by sketches. Commonly, a single line font is used (a font called "CAMWorks"  is installed with CAMWorks).
  • Corner Slot is a cut with two adjacent open sides.
  • Curve is a cut that has the tool center follow a line.
  • Slot is a cut with one or more open ends.
  • Open Profile is a cut where the two ends do not touch.
  • Open Pocket is a cut that machines in and around islands.
  • Boss is a cut that goes around the perimeter of a feature.
  • Hole is a circular cut into the body.
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