CamWorks Quick Tip - Engrave with 3D Sketch

By Hawk Ridge Systems Engineering Team

You might think that engraving a complex shape or logo on a 3D surface would be a difficult and complex feature to create in CAMWorks, but it’s simple. This blog will walk you through doing this in a way found to be very effective regardless of the complexity of the intended form.

Project a split line feature onto the face you’d like to etch.

CAMWorks - Project a Split Line Feature

CAMWorks - Project a Split Line Feature 2

Once the projected edge is created, convert the edge geometry to a 3D Sketch. Right-click on one of the edge segments, Select Loop, Open a 3D Sketch, Convert Entities and Exit 3D Sketch.

CAMWorks - Select Loop

CAMWorks - Select Loop 2

A 3D Sketch is created on the complex surface that was modeled. Now let’s go into CAMWorks. At this point run AFR (Automatic Feature Recognition) and add a Multi Surface Feature which will detect and place a tool-path on the 3D surface. To engrave the logo on this surface, insert a 2.5 Axis Feature in Mill Part Setup 1, select Curve Feature for the Type, and also select the 3D sketch that was created earlier as the curve to use.

CAMWorks 2.5 Axis Feature Wizard

Click Next and set the Type: Blind and set the depth to .005 to just brake into the surface.

After the Feature is created, Generate Operation Plan and Generate Toolpath. Click on the Operations Tab and double click the new Contour Mill Operation that was created. Select the proper tool from Your Tool Crib. This example is using a 90 degree 1/8” countersink bit.

CAMWorks 2.5 Axis Feature Wizard End Conditions

Simulate Toolpath and analyze your Operation. Change depth parameters or tool to achieve your desired etching in the complex 3D surface.

CAMWorks Operation Parameters


CAMWorks Toolpath Simulation

For more CAMWorks tips and tricks, check out the CAMWorks Corner in the Hawk Ridge Systems recorded webinars, or visit the CAMWorks video page for additional details on features and packages.


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