How do I add a tool crib?

Daniel Lyon

I want to add my own tool crib. Where can I go to add it?

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    Daniel Lyon

    Tool cribs are added in the techdb. Open the tech db, set the units in the lower left corner of the techdb main window. Go to tooling, then either choose mill tooling, turn tooling or mill-turn tooling. Select the Tool crib option and click on the new blank record option in the lower pane of the window. Here you can rename the tool crib and add tools. A tool crib can also be copied and pasted in the machine section (turret tab) of the techdb but this method prevents renaming of the tool crib.

    To add tools to the tool crib you can either select them in the techdb and enter the parameters or perform this from inside of SolidWorks/CAMWorks when on the machine node.