Hawk Ridge Systems has a CAM solution for you: CAMWorks!

By Brandon Loeb

Need to take your new product design to its full manufacturing potential? CAMWorks is your ultimate CAM solution for taking your 3D CAD models from concept to production. And now Hawk Ridge Systems has joined the party. With our world renowned sales and support teams fully behind CAMWorks, customers can now have the same confidence our SolidWorks customers already love. We’ll get you up and running in no time, with our goal of making you as productive as possible.


Established in 1994, CAMWorks has been one of the leading SolidWorks Gold Partner products for over 15 years, integrating directly into the SolidWorks interface for a seamless user experience. This gives you the ability to create tool paths for your geometry inside of your model files, which means no external files to deal with and no extra loading time required.  The best part of it all: when you make changes to your part geometry, CAMWorks updates automatically to accommodate them.

Another great feature of CAMWorks is the automatic feature recognition (AFR). This ability alone gives CAMWorks a leg up on the competition by giving the user the ability to automatically recognize geometry to calculate tool paths and tool bits to get the job done with minimal setup effort. Using AFR also means that you don’t have to exclusively use native SolidWorks files, but any general CAD file type SolidWorks can open. CAMWorks supports 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining operations- all depending on your specific machine capabilities. Speaking of machines, CAMWorks can be used with any brand mill, lathe, mill-turn, and wire EDM out on the market.

To give you an idea of what it takes to go from start to part using CAMWorks, we’ll summarize the order of operations and workflow for the average user with CAMWorks:

  1. Create your part (need something to machine, right?)
  2. Jump over to your CAMWorks features tab and set up the part. What machine will be used, what tools, stock size, etc.
  3. Either use AFR or interactively assign the features you’d like to machine
  4. Generate an operating plan, which consists of the operations required to machine the part features and the tools pertaining to your machines capabilities. (2.5, 3, 4 and 5 axis operations).
  5. Generate tool paths. CAMWorks recommends best practices based on a knowledge base that comes with the software, and you can modify it to match how you run your parts or similar parts. e.g. Pocket in, pocket out, ramp, spiral, etc…)
  6. Simulate your tool path in real time- see an animation of exactly how your part will be machined. See the tool in action, and what you see is what you get.
  7. Output your file to your machine and crank those machines up! Sync up g-code using one of the many post-processors inside of Geometrics’ large database, or have Hawk Ridge Systems custom build one specific for your machine. (A small fee may apply)

And that essentially sums it up. Getting started just requires customizing CAMWorks to match all of the machinery in your shop, your operations, and your tooling. Select your equipment from the CAMWorks extensive database and you are all set. We understand that the only time you’re making money is when your machines are up and running, and with CAMWorks every minute of the day can be utilized to its full potential.

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