What is CAMWorks?

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  • CAMWorks is a fully integrated computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solution designed to operate seamlessly within SolidWorks. It uses two distinguishing features - its knowledge base and Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) tools to help in the machining processes.

    The ** Automatic Feature Recognition** is an extremely useful tool which analyses the solid model geometry and identifies which machining operations to use on which features, such as mill features, turning features and wire EDM features. This significantly reduced the time spent by the designer to feed in data related to their machining. If a feature cannot be found automatically then your specific machining requirements can be defined effortlessly using the Interactive Feature Recognition wizard.

    The CAMWorks ** Knowledge Base** is a self-populating data base which contains all the information about the cutting tools and the parameters used by the operator. It also maintains information regarding the cutting tools available in the shop floor, as initially specified by the machinist. This data base is easily customizable, it can be utilized for all the manufacturing processes viz. milling, turning, mill turn and wire EDM, and it helps in storing the best practices at a centralized location in the tool room. Thus, eliminates the non-uniformity in the NC codes between two users.


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