Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Will not Install on Server

Barry Shiong

Problem: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will not install on Server. The installer for SQL will allow me to make selections and start the install but as soon as it gets about 90% there is an error: MSXML 6 Parser Failure and IIS Windows Component not installed.

Solution: In this case, MSXML 6 was not correctly loaded onto the server and although the program was showing in Add/Remove Programs, the SQL Server refused to load correctly. Repairing MSXML 6 SP1 proved to be a tough challenge. Once it was repaired I re-ran the SQL Server installation and the install stopped in the same place. I needed to remove MSXML6 from my system. I used Add/Remove Programs to uninstall and I restarted my system. The operating system showed that it was still on the system. I had to resort to using the Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility; which can be downloaded here: which allows you to remove traces of programs. READ THE DIRECTIONS and be very careful what you select as a list of all programs comes up and can be completely removed without retract. Once, MSXML 6 SP1 (6.10.1129.0) was completely removed, I rebooted and I was able to reinstall it by downloading it from Microsoft here:

The second part of the issue was that the server was not seeing the IIS 6(Internet Information Services). In order to turn IIS on, click START, Control Panel, Add/Remove Program, Add/Remove Windows Components, click the check box next to IIS 6, and click Next and it will load. You can also get the IIS 6 download from Microsoft here:

Restart your computer and load the SQL Server software onto the server. You will be successful.

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