Can SolidWorks find a design solution that matches geometric goals?

I know that SolidWorks Simulation has the capability to run an Optimization Design Study to find the optimal design that will meet user-specified goals such as minimizing mass while keeping the stress below a critical value.


Can SolidWorks find the optimal design that will match geometric goals that a part needs to meet?


Specifically, I would like to create a part that has several faces that are all different shapes and sizes and all positioned at different distances from the origin of the part.  I want to design the part so that the area of each face multiplied by the distance between the face and the origin of the part is the same resulting value for each face.  Can SolidWorks calculate the equation multiplying the area of the face by the distance of the face to the origin of the part, then compare that to a goal value, and change the size of the face to meet the goal value?


For example, face A is an elliptical shape.  It has an area of 10 sq. in.  It is 5 in from the origin.  Multiplying the area by the distance gives a value of 50.  Face B is a square shape.  Can SolidWorks calculate the product of the area multiplied by the distance from the origin, and then change the size of the square to match the value of 50?

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