Drawings: Foreshortened Dimensions

Sean Screws

Drawings: Foreshortened Dimensions


Drawings: Foreshortened Dimensions


October 2013


Solidworks Foreshortened Dimension Creation


Guide on creating a Foreshortened Dimension in Solidworks


Within the Sketch that is parent to the Revolve feature, create a dimension that defines the radius of a revolve section.  Be sure to define the Radius dimension to the “Axis of Revolution” to be used in the Revolve feature.



In the drawing document with the Drawing View you wish to create the Detail Section View from, you’ll want to Insert Model Items.  To do this, click on Model Items under the Annotation Command Ribbon tab.



Select the Drawing View of the model you wish to import dimensions into.  Make sure “Marked For Drawings” is selected. Press OKAY.



You should now see the diameter dimension included in the Drawing View that you had previously selected.  Click and Drag on the diameter dimension while holding down the CTRL key to transfer the dimension to the Section View.



There should now be a diameter dimension identical to that of the dimension from the Drawing View.  This functionality can be duplicated between the Section View and the Detail View.



Perform the same function, Click and Drag on the diameter dimension while holding down the CTRL key, to transfer the dimension to the Detail View.



The Foreshortened dimension should look similar to the above image, where the dimension is now shown from the centerline of the revolve edge.  This is extremely useful for highly zoomed detail views of revolve created features placed on sheets of limited size. 

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