Dimension bent tubing route by overall length

David Israel

When creating bent tubing using SolidWorks Routing, is it possible to dimension the full length of the tubing rather than dimensioning each individual segment of the tubing?  This would be equivalent to dimensioning the length of the tube prior to bending, similar to dimensioning a sheet metal part in the flat pattern before the bends are added.

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    Ben Taylor

    I don't know of any way to drive a bent tube route with an overall length dimension. I tried creating a bent tube route with a construction spline that follows the route (it would not allow me to create a fit-spline in routing). The idea being that I would dimension the spline and allow it to drive the length of the rest of the geometry. Not only is this a painful workaround, it immediately became over-defined and would not allow changes to the spline dimension.

    Even if there was a way to do this, I don't believe the total length would take into account the deformation of the material during the bending process. The length would just be an approximation of the tube length before bending.